Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

CareER offers membership packages for disability inclusive employers. As part of our membership network, you will have access to a range of events where you can exchange and share knowledge and experience with industry peers and experts. We offer in-depth and tailored support via our dedicated partners and advisory services.


  • A systemic and comprehensive approach to drive D&I Strategy
  • Conscious branding and an amplifier as an inclusive employer
  • In-depth and tailored support in engaging, empowering and employing diversified populations via our dedicated partners and advice services
  • Access to a growing range of networks where you can exchange and share experience with peers and experts
  • Gain access to events and programs where you can learn D&I knowledge and operating tips from experts
  • Interact with a target pool of candidates with disabilities – but with no obligation to hire
  • Highlight specific opportunities that you are offering

Membership Packages


(HK$38,000 per annum)

  • CareER DII Assessment (12-month guidance on submission, Index Key Finding Report, 60-min debriefing session)
  • Knowledge hub with host of D&I resources including toolkits and solutions
  • In-office workshop
  • Accessibility Assessment
  • CareER DII Employers Seminar
  • CareER DII Dissemination Ceremony
  • Recruitment support at Inclusive Recruitment Fair


(HK$65,000 per annum)

  • All entitlements of Standard Membership
  • CareER DII Full Organisation Report with specific recommendations
  • Title Acknowledgement on CareER key event (CareER DII Employers Seminar, CareER DII Dissemination Ceremony, and Inclusive Recruitment Fair)
  • Welcome remarks at Disability Inclusion CONNECT
  • Extra publicity support

Basic (only *SMEs/ NGOs/ Social Enterprises are eligible)

(HK$8,000 per annum)

This package is open to SMEs/ NGOs/ Social Enterprises only.

  • CareER DII Assessment (12-month guidance on submission, Index Key Finding Report, 60-min debriefing session)

*SMEs: Manufacturing enterprises which employ fewer than 100 persons and non-manufacturing enterprises which employ fewer than 50 persons are regarded as SMEs in Hong Kong.
NGO: Charitable institutions and trusts of a public character, which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.
Social Enterprise: Listed under HKCSS and/or SEBC directory; under HAD – Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Program , ‘Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise’ Project and The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund)

The information provided on this webpage is for reference only. Please contact us at info@career.org.hk for more information.


There are two main types of membership: Standard Membership and Advanced Membership.

For more details, please refer to the membership brochure.

Benefits (per annum)Advanced Membership
Standard MembershipBasic Membership*
(for SMEs / NGO / SE only)
DII survey only
CareER DII Assessment
Guidance on index submission
Index Key Finding Report
Full Organisation Report
60mins debriefing session
Access to Knowledge Hub
In-office workshop (60-90mins)
Accessibility Assessment
Title Acknowledgement at Key event
Complimentary Tickets to Employers Seminar 42
Complimentary Tickets to CareER DII Dissemination Ceremony42
Complimentary Tickets to Inclusive Recruitment Fair42
Company Booth at Inclusive Recruitment Fair 11
Exclusive speaker opportunity at Panel Sharing (subject to rundown)
Pre-event & event Press Release Content CoverageListed
No. of pull-up banners display at Inclusive Recruitment Fair
(to be brought by companies at their own cost)
Social Media Coverage on Facebook and LinkedIn
Exclusive Teaser Post on Social Media
Welcome remarks at Disability Inclusion CONNECT
Publicity of your exclusive Business Case on Social Media
Electronic Binder of candidate CVs
ItemEarly Bird (before 30 April 2022)Fee
Package Pricing:
Advanced MembershipHK$63,000HK$65,000
Standard MembershipHK$35,000HK$38,000
Basic Membership*-HK$8,000
Non-package Pricing:
CareER DII Survey OnlyHK$23,000HK$25,000
In-office Workshop (60-90mins)-HK$7,000 - 9,000
Accessibility Assessment HK$7,000 - 9,000
Advisory Service (60mins)HK$7,000 - 9,000
Full Organisation Report-HK$8,000

Special Offer with RunnERthon

Organisations that offer sponsorships to CareER RunnERthon with Gold sponsorship or above will be entitled to our Standard Membership.

RunnERthon SponsorshipEarly Bird
(before 30 Apr 2022)
Sponsorship Fee
Title Sponsorship-HK$500,000
Diamond Sponsorship-HK$380,000
Platinum Sponsorship-HK$280,000
Gold SponsorshipHK$150,000
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