Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership training, aiming to equip participants with interpersonal skills and confidence, will enable them to actively participate in a community.

Inclusive Leadership Training Summer Camp

A two-day leadership training summer camp aims to bring participants with disabilities and SEN together and build a support network. Through team-building activities, participants will gain understanding of each other’s unique ability, gain confidence in themselves and in others, and develop soft skills such as problem-solving and communication skills.

Experiential Learning

Participants are encouraged to take part in CareER’s ‘Student Committee’ and organize at least 4 events a year for their fellow members. The participants will have the opportunity to provide assistance to their peers, including CareER members and other higher educated persons with disabilities and SEN, and become a role model.

Dim Sum Bakery Class

August 2018

Pool Soccer Party Room

June 2017

Organic Farm Visit X BBQ

June 2016

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