Student Committee

CareER Student Committee

The CareER Student Committee is a group of dedicated higher educated students and alumni with disabilities or SENs who are dedicated to bridge the members of CareER together through organizing enthralling events and hands-on workshop. The Committee also strives to communicate with various stakeholders to educate the public about disabilities and SENs.

Program Missions

  • Engage CareER members in member activities and encourage experience sharing
  • Enhance member’s sense of belonging to CareER
  • Represent CareER members and communicate their ideas and needs to CareER
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills in individuals
  • Bridge the members of the public and members of CareER together

Valuable Sharing by Student

To many, being a committee member is an integral part of university life and one that will leave you with the fondest memories as you have earnestly endeavoured to juggle all that is on your plate, be it activity planning or schoolwork, with your fellow committee members. If you join us as CareER Student Ambassador, the possibilities are endless. You would work with students across different higher education institutions, gain hands-on experience through organizing engaging member activities, bridge the gap between persons with disabilities and the public. Moreover, all the above would enable you to develop leadership skills and enrich your school life. 

What’re you waiting for? Let’s join as the 5th Student Committee!!!

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