Deutsche Bank – CareER Scholarship Program

Deutsche Bank – CareER Scholarship Program


Deutsche Bank – CareER Scholarship Program is set up to give recognition to students with disabilities / special educational needs (SENs) in the pursuit of excellence in participating in community services and commitment to the community, achievement in extra-curricular activities and their willingness to challenge themselves to experience new exposure. It is expected that their employment opportunities can be greatly enhanced upon the completion of the Program. Academic Achievement is not the main focus in terms of selection criteria.


  • To empower the awardees with more exposure in the community
  • To allow the awardees to have a chance to learn about employment situations, practices and prospects
  • To support the awardees to pursue continuous training and studies to enhance their employment opportunity
  • To support the beneficiaries to acquire assistive equipment and technology to support their employment

Program Highlights



There will be 5 scholarship offers with the amount of HKD 20,000 for each awardee. The first instalment, 50% of the award, will be disbursed in the Award Ceremony; and the second instalment will be disbursed after awardees have fulfilled their responsibilities of the program and submitted their article/video. Awardees failing to comply with the program requirements may not be able to receive the second instalment of the scholarship. If there is lost cheque, bank charges will be charged accordingly.

6-Month Mentorship Program

Each awardee will have one designated DB staff as mentor, they both will be matched in accordance with their career interests. The mentorship program includes: a mentees training and business networking, two times meet up with Deutsche Bank mentors from July to September and a virtual wrap up session in end of September.



  • Any students and graduates aged 24 or younger with disabilities / SENs regardless of race;
  • Eligible Hong Kong Permanent Resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.

*The applicant should not be an affiliate / family member of any Deutsche Bank employee.


Applicant is required to complete the application form and enclose the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 2 pages) in English;
  2. A copy of valid Student Card issued by your school; or
  3. A copy of the Graduate Certificate (for graduates applicants)

Applicant is also required to enclose any one of the following proofs in the application:


  1. A copy of letter on your condition issued by the Department of Health or Hospital Authority (or under exceptional circumstances by a registered medical practitioner from private sector or from private hospital) ;or
  2. A copy of the Registration Card for People with Disabilities issued by Labour and Welfare Bureau ;or
  3. A copy of letter of entitling to Disability Allowance by the Social Welfare Department

Interested participants are kindly requested to submit their applications via our online platform by 8 March 2024 (Friday).

*All the information provided by the applicant will remain confidential and only be used for the program only.
*Successful applicant will automatically become a member of CareER and agree to receive events newsletter sent from us by email or instant messaging.
*Deutsche Bank and CareER reserve the right on any final decision.
For any enquiries, please contact us at 3844 6363 or email to scholarship@career.org.hk.

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