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The first charitable job-matching platform for higher educated persons with disabilities and inclusive employers
The first student and alumni union for higher educated persons with disabilities

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Our Story

CareER (pronounced as “Care-E-R”) stands for Care in Education and Recruitment. It was established in 2013 by three founders and a group of passionate higher educated persons with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SENs), aiming to create a charitable job matching platform with our HR professional knowledge and a peer union for our members to help one another through alumni experience sharing.

Highlighted programs

CareER provides various career development programs for higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs to enhance workplace confidence and explore career possibilities through a series of job skills training workshops, job opportunities, and comprehensive career supports.

Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Program

Thriving Grass Career Development Program

CareER Scholarship Program

Deutsche Bank – CareER Born to Be Scholarship Program 2021


Personality Dimensions Workshop

Do you wish to delve deep into your soul to advance yourself in both your professional and personal lives? Would you like to equip yourself with the necessary tools to promote harmonious relationship with your loved ones and co-workers? Do you wish to be a high-flyer in both your professional endeavours and put your character […]

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CareER Inclusive Leadership Training Summer Camp

Summer is finally here! Whilst we still can't embark on our overseas adventure yet because of the travel restriction, spending time in Hong Kong is not bound to be dull and dreary. We hereby present you with an opportunity to join our yearly Inclusive Leadership Training Summer Camp! In this exhilarating Summer Camp, you will […]

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