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The first charitable job-matching platform for higher educated persons with disabilities and inclusive employers. 
The first student and alumni union for higher educated persons with disabilities.

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CareER (pronounced as “Care-E-R”) stands for Care in Education and Recruitment. It was established in 2013 by three founders and a group of passionate higher educated persons with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SENs), aiming to create a charitable job matching platform with our HR professional knowledge and a peer union for our members to help one another through alumni experience sharing.

Highlighted programs

CareER provides various career development programs for higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs to enhance workplace confidence and explore career possibilities through a series of job skills training workshops, job opportunities, and comprehensive career supports.

Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Program

CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program

CareER Scholarship Programme

Deutsche Bank – CareER Born to Be Scholarship Programme 2020


大和香港50th X CareER潛能無限線上慈善跑2020 Daiwa HK 50th X CareER RunnERthon Online 2020

2020年是充滿困難和挑戰的一年,只有繼續堅持,才能打破僵局。講起堅持不懈,不難令人聯想到殘疾人士。 CareER於2014年成立,致力於服務高學歷殘疾人士,提供全面的職涯配對及支援服務,同時建立同儕聯繫網絡,秉持著「潛能無限」的理念,與高學歷殘疾人士同行,支持他們在不同領域上發揮所長,堅持前行。 數年間,我們見證了不少一直堅持的故事,這些故事不單鼓勵到更多殘疾人士繼續堅持,亦讓他們的朋友、家人感到鼓舞,更讓社會大眾了解到殘疾人士的才能。 今年,我們將舉行「大和香港50th X CareER 潛能無限線上慈善跑2020」,以「敢想・敢動・敢堅持」為主題,為CareER籌款之餘,同時亦希望以我們的故事鼓勵大家,一起衝破困境。 活動日期: 2020年11月30日至12月13日 賽事:個人3公里丨10公里、企業隊50公里/隊(2-5人) 報名詳情: 個人3公里:立即報名 個人10公里:立即報名 企業隊查詢:pandie@career.org.hk (Ms. Pandie Ho) 2020 has been a year full of difficulties and challenges for everyone. While we often associate people with disabilities with perseverance, we have no choice but to keep persevering. CareER was established in 2014, committed to serving higher […]

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