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1st Charity For Higher Educated Students/Graduates

With Disabilities/SENs in Hong Kong

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CareER is the first joint higher education institutions student community for higher educated students and graduates with disabilities and special needs. It was established in 2013 and started with three founders and a group of passionate higher educated graduates with disabilities, aiming to create a platform for students to help one another through alumni experience sharing and a charitable job matching platform by our HR professional knowledge.

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CareER Jockey Club “Thriving Grass” Career Development Program

We are excited to announce that the new round of application for the two-year program CareER Jockey Club “Thriving Grass” Career Development Program「CareER賽馬會「疾風草」職涯發展計劃 」has now started! This program is designed to provide you with comprehensive career and personal development supports through:  Summer internship opportunities working at corporate, social enterprise, NGOs and start-ups, inclusive employers in 2019 include: MNCs and Corporate AXA, Allianz, Bloomberg, […]

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從Range看人生-——-導盲犬的Work Life Balance – AM 730

從Range看人生-——-導盲犬的Work Life Balance – AM 730

去年,我突然獲邀到一個活動分享如何提升staff engagement。當刻,我只覺得自愧不如。 回想起數年前,機構上的大小事務仍是靠自己一人執行,但隨著發展,工作漸多,便開始聘用員工。我雖外表看似是個「好說話」的人,自己很明白對內是個蠢人,連續嚇走了兩個員工,這令我不禁心想 :「點做分享呀?我都想知點做staff engagement。」 突然我想起身旁的導盲犬Range,其實,牠的大半生給我上了寶貴的一課。 Range兩歲來港接受嚴格的導盲犬訓練,兩歲九個月便成為了我的拍檔。最初,Range猶如一個fresh...

善堂的誤解 by 崔宇恆, CareER創辦人 創新香港人: 社創基金 — am730

善堂的誤解 by 崔宇恆, CareER創辦人 創新香港人: 社創基金 — am730

創辦慈善機構的過程中,很多時都會聽到:「大公司,有資源佢哋一定幫」、「有意義不如去申請Funding」云云。很多人覺得有錢大機構、公家嘢就係做善堂;CareER的工作相反是要雙贏win win,究竟CareER的工作是怎樣?有甚麼獨特之處? 我們堅持CareER只是一道橋樑,爭取工作的是我們的會員。我們是一個義務求職平台,為僱主和僱員提供case by case工作配對。我們每次都必須親身見求職會員,...


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