Our Name

CareER (pronounced “Care-E-R”)

CareER stands for Care in Education and Recruitment

While we play an important role in educating and empowering our members with disabilities and SEN by fostering their social and professional career development, we also provide a range of corporate services to educate employers, HR professionals and line managers about the importance of an inclusive workplace and culture.



CareER is a peer support platform for young adults with any type of disabilities and SEN. We offer different programmes targeting our members’ personal and social development from a long-term perspective, and encourage them to give back and contribute to the community by sharing their past experiences, and care for others in need.



CareER truly believes that having a meaningful, fulfilling career is important to develop independence and confidence for our members. We focus on a person’s ability instead of disability, because everyone deserves equal opportunities to thrive in their careers.


Our Logo

The CareER logo consists of four rings and a block, representing our four key stakeholders in driving disability-inclusive employment, while CareER serves as a platform that supports and connects them. Together, we work towards building an inclusive society where everyone can contribute and thrive.

Our Logo

Our Services

  • Provide charitable job-matching services for employers and tertiary-educated students and graduates with any type of disabilities and SEN
  • Act as a peer support platform, and student and alumni union to support our members’ journeys
  • Offer various corporate training services to promote disability inclusion in the workplace to equip employers’ readiness in disability-hiring