CareER is…



CareER plays an important role in the career development of persons with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) by ensuring a smooth transition from university to their chosen fields of employment.



CareER provides a peer support platform to higher educated persons with disabilities and SEN



CareER believes career is of paramount importance in developing independence, confidence and talents in each person with disabilities and as a whole.



CareER logo contains four rings which symbolise Higher Educated Persons with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SENs), Employers, Educational Institutions and the Public.

How the four rings collaborate
a. Connect Higher educated people with disabilities and SENs and form a
peer supporting group
b. Meet employers’ business needs
c. Campus support to social workers/ counsellor
d. Raise public awareness
The base in block:
CareER acts as a platform for connecting higher educated persons with
disabilities and SENs, employers, higher education institutions and the public.

The above four items work closely with each other:

CareER provide a platform for college student, employer, educational institution, and the general public who have a disability or special education need.

– Linking disabled or special education students with special education needs to establish a peer-to-peer platform
– Meet the employer’s business needs
– Support faculty and counselors associated with special educational needs in educational institutions
– Raise the attention of the public

We are committed to providing job matching services for both employers and student with disabilities or special education needs, also, play as the role of student unions and alumni associations for disabled or special education students, and for the education institutions to develop and enhance their personal abilities. .

Our job-matching service procedure:

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