Privacy Policy Statement

1. Your Privacy

This Privacy Policy applies to your dealings with CareER Association Limited (“CareER”). At CareER, we respect personal data and we are committed to complying with our privacy obligations under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (“Ordinance”). Nothing in this Privacy Policy Statement (“Privacy Policy”) is intended to limit your rights under the Ordinance. Please read on for more details about our privacy policy. For details of the Ordinance, please visit: http://www.pcpd.org.hk/engindex.html

2. We may collect information about you

From time to time, we may gather personal data and other information about you in connection with our activities. For example, we may collect information about you when you donate, submit a job application, register to volunteer, enrol as a member of CareER, participate in the mentorship or internship programme, register as a company participant, complete a survey or update your information with us. We may collect information about you in a variety of ways, including through our employees, officers, consultants, contractors and agents.

3. Main purposes of collecting and using your Personal Information

CareER and any Transferee may collect, compile, transfer and otherwise use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. to keep you informed of CareER’s events and activities and to invite enrolment in these events and activities;
  2. to arrange for CareER’s events and activities;
  3. to process your donation and issue receipts;
  4. to conduct donor, volunteer, employers, CareER member and other stakeholders’ surveys;
  5. to conduct statistical analysis;
  6. to solicit funds and other forms of support for CareER’s programmes;
  7. to facilitate the recruitment process for job applicants and volunteers;
  8. to comply with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines issued by regulatory authorities, industry bodies or other authorities to which CareER is subject to or with which it is expected to comply;
  9. to process requests for information about CareER or its activities;
  10. to provide you with a more personalised experience on CareER’s website, online system, social media, instant messaging channels and other online communication channels;
  11. to provide training workshops, coaching, counselling and other empowerment activities;
  12. for other purposes agreed with you; and
  13. for any other purposes directly relating to the objects of CareER set out in the Articles of Association.

4. The types of information that we may collect

The types of information that we may collect include, but are not limited to, information that:

  1. identifies you (such as your name, phone number, fax number, email and postal addresses);
  2. is included in your curriculum vitae for the purpose of membership, job placements, internship programmes, or other related activities enrolment (such as your education background, academic results, qualifications and previous employment details);
  3. is included in your Company Participation Form submitted to us; and
  4. arises or is required in connection with your relationship with us, including your activities (such as volunteering, donations, job placements or workshop participation) for us.

This information is referred to as “Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy. You have certain rights and options in relation to this information.

Please refer to “Marketing of services and products” and “Access to your Personal Information”.

Please note that it is mandatory for you to provide personal data marked with asterisks in the Membership Enrolment Form. In the event that you do not provide such personal data, we may not be able to proceed with your membership application or enrol you into CareER’s activities.

5. How your Personal Information may be used

CareER respects your Personal Information. Accordingly, your Personal Information will be kept confidential, except that we may provide such Personal Information to the following parties (each a “Transferee”) for the purposes set out under “Main purposes of collecting and using your Personal Information”:

  1. any other participant(s) due to the nature of events and activities (such as exchanging personal data between a student participant and a mentor in the mentorship programme);
  2. any consultant who provides us with consultancy services (such as assisting us with internship training workshops, coaching, counselling, and advising company participants on office accessibility for the internship programme);
  3. any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides us with administrative, telecommunications, printing, information technology, payment processing, data processing or storage devices or assists us with marketing, advertising, campaigning, conducting campaign analyses, preparing donation coupons, appeal letters and donor surveys;
  4. to the extent permitted by law, any third party data processors (who may be within or outside Hong Kong), who agree to comply with the Ordinance and agree to put in place adequate and appropriate data retention and security measures;
  5. any person to whom CareER is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on it or pursuant to any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which CareER is expected to comply. This could include tax authorities;
  6. any actual or proposed assignee of CareER or participant or sub-participant or transferee of CareER’s rights in respect of you;
  7. any person who is under a duty of confidentiality to CareER, such as a professional advisor or another person that has undertaken to keep such information confidential;
  8. any bank, intermediary, or regulatory authority involved in sending or receiving any payment or instruction to or from or in connection with you;
  9. any person in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding relating to you or your property; and
  10. other persons specified in CareER’s statements, notices and terms and conditions that may be made available to you from time to time.

Unless expressly prohibited by applicable law, your Personal Information may be processed, kept and transferred or disclosed in and to any country (in or outside Hong Kong) as CareER or any Transferee considers appropriate for the purposes set out under “Main purposes of collecting and using your Personal Information” below. Your Personal Information may also be released or disclosed in accordance with the local practices and laws, rules and regulations (including any governmental acts and orders) in such country.

You can choose to have your sensitive personal information (such as your health and disability condition) held by CareER erased or not disclosed or transferred to any third parties. You may, at any time, make such a choice by notifying us in writing using the details provided in “Contact us” below. If you choose not to have your sensitive personal information disclosed or transferred to any third parties, CareER may not be able to arrange any events, activities or programmes that best suits your personal needs.

This section is subject to your rights under “Marketing of services and products”.

6. CareER will not sell your Personal Information

Without obtaining your prior written consent, CareER and the Transferees will not sell, trade or rent your Personal Information for a monetary or in kind gain.

7. Marketing of services and products

7.1 Your choice in relation to the use of your Personal Information for marketing

You can choose not to share your Personal Information with CareER. It is your choice to tell CareER if you do not want it to market to you in any way.

You may, at any time, make such a choice, by contacting us using the details provided in “Contact us” below.

7.2 Direct marketing

From time to time, CareER may use your Personal Information to provide you with emails, updates, invitations, newsletters, phone calls or text messages about our events and initiatives, to invite you to make a donation and/or to invite you to participate in a donor, volunteer, employer, CareER member and other stakeholder’s survey, to promote CareER activities, job placements and programme workshops, coaching, counselling and other CareER services, but only if you indicate that you have no objection to our doing so when we collect your Personal Information.
Even if you have given us your consent to use your Personal Information for direct marketing purposes, you may withdraw your consent at any time free of charge by contacting us using the details provided in “Contact us” below. The withdrawal of your consent will be processed and will take effect as soon as possible.

8. CareER’s website

8.1 Information collected online

CareER’s web server automatically recognises the domain name, server address and browsing history, but not the email addresses, of visitors to CareER’s website. If you have login to CareER’s system on our website by using your email address and your password, your activities at such system may be identified. CareER may provide customized services to you according to your login details and identifications.
CareER collects aggregate information on what pages are visited, as well as information volunteered by visitors to the CareER website – such as survey information and site registrations. No personally identifiable information is collected in respect of visitors to the CareER website unless it is given by them in the process of their visit. The information collected is used to improve the content of CareER’s website and may also be used for one or more of the purposes set out in “Main purposes of collecting and using your Personal Information”. This information will not be shared or disclosed with other organisations for commercial purposes. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information by CareER.

8.2 What about “cookies”?

“Cookies” are small pieces of data that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. You are informed that when you visit the CareER website, cookies may be installed automatically and retained temporarily in your memory or on your hard disk. Cookies record information about your use of the CareER website. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information but they do enable us to provide additional features for your enjoyment of the CareER website. By accessing our website, you acknowledge that you have been informed of this practice and authorise CareER to use any information collected through our use of cookies in connection with the purposes set out under “Main purposes of collecting and using your Personal Information” above. You can normally deactivate the cookies in the settings of your navigation software. Most of the features on the CareER website are accessible even with cookies deactivated.

8.3 Links to other websites

CareER’s website may contain hypertext links to other websites that are not controlled by CareER. CareER disclaims all liability for the privacy practices or content of other websites.

9. Security and retention of Personal Information

CareER undertakes to use its best efforts to protect the quality and integrity of your Personal Information. CareER intends to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure that:

  1. Personal Information held by it is protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure or other unauthorised usage;
  2. Personal Information held by it or any Transferee is only used for such period as reasonably required and is then erased; and
  3. Transferees comply with the requirements of the Ordinance.

However, CareER cannot ensure the security and confidentiality of internet communications, which may not be secured by encryption. All information transmitted via the internet is at your own risk.

10. Access to your Personal Information

You may do the following things in respect of your Personal Information that is protected by the Ordinance:

  1. ascertain whether CareER holds Personal Information about you;
  2. access your Personal Information;
  3. require CareER to correct your Personal Information which is inaccurate;
  4. find out about CareER’s policies and practices in relation to your Personal Information; and
  5. be informed of the kind of Personal Information held by CareER.

If you wish to request access to and/or correct your personal data held by us, please do so in writing. Our contact details are set out in “Contact us” below.

11. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is dated 11 Jan 2022.

If CareER decides to update or change its Privacy Policy, the latest version will be available on the CareER website at www.career.org.hk. Please check the CareER website periodically for changes.

12. Contact Us

12.1 Questions and comments

CareER welcomes your questions and comments about privacy. You have the right to request access to and correction of information held by us about you. If you wish to access or correct your personal data, please contact our data Privacy Officer.

12.2 Contact details

Our data Privacy Officer’s contact details are set out below:

Privacy Officer
P.O. Box 90232, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Hong Kong

Email: info@career.org.hk

Telephone: 3844 6300

11 Jan 2022
CareER Association Limited