Fair Opportunity

Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Program

Fair Opportunity is an award-winning program designed to remove barriers to inclusion and provide a fair opportunity for higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs. The program brings together leading companies who are committed to inclusive recruitment with a targeted talent pool of higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs. Since 2016, CareER has delivered the Fair Opportunity Program in the partnership with Community Business who has first introduced the program in 2013.


For Participating Companies

  1. Profile your company as an employer of choice for talent with disabilities and SEN and showcase the range of opportunities that are available in your organization
  2. Build your disability confidence, gaining firsthand knowledge and experience in attracting and recruiting disabled students
  3. Gain direct access to a potential talent pool of candidates with disabilities

For Higher Educated Persons with Disabilities and SENs

  1. Build your aspirations and realize that a career in a wide range of different sectors is an achievable goal
  2. Build your confidence and capability through targeted workshops and advice from employers
  3. Meet with leading employers, who are committed to inclusive recruitment, and learn more about the opportunities available
  4. Build your own network with representatives from different sectors


Program Features

The ABLE Model
To maximize participants’ experience and learnings, the Fair Opportunity Program is designed based on CareER’s ABLE Model which has four key aspects:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Business Needs
  3. Learning
  4. Experience

Click to learn more about The ABLE Model.

The 3 Key Components

The Fair Opportunity Program comprises three key components:

  1.  Capability Building Workshop for Candidates
  2.  Building Disability Confidence Employers’ Workshop
  3.  Inclusive Recruitment Fair

How to Apply?


Inclusive Employers

If you are a company representative who is committed to promoting workplace inclusion for people with disabilities and SEN, please contact Ada Lee by recruitment@career.org.hk.


Higher Educated Persons with Disabilities and SENs

If you are a university student or graduate with disabilities and SENs who strives for career development in corporate, NGO and social enterprise sectors, please contact us by recruitment@career.org.hk


More Detailed Information

Please click to learn more detailed information about Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Program:

Fair Opportunity 2016 – Tapping a Unique Talent Pool

Participating Companies 


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