Annual Fundraising Event

Annual Fundraising Event

大和香港50th X CareER潛能無限線上慈善跑2020 Daiwa HK 50th X CareER RunnERthon Online 2020

The 5th annual fundraising event organised by CareER


日期 Date:

11月30日(星期一)- 12月13日(星期日)

Monday, 30 November – Sunday, 13 December 2020

時間 Time: 任何時間 Anytime 
地點 Venue: 任何地點 Anywhere
賽事 Race: 個人 individual 3 公里 KM丨10 公里 KM

企業隊 Corporate Team 50 公里 KM

(企業隊查詢 Corporate Team Inquiry : pandie@career.org.hk , Ms. Pandie Ho)

報名詳情,不日公佈,敬請留意! Enrolment details will be released soon, please stay tuned!





今年,我們將舉行「大和香港50th X CareER 潛能無限線上慈善跑2020」,以「敢想・敢動・敢堅持」為主題,為CareER籌款之餘,同時亦希望以我們的故事鼓勵大家,一起衝破困境。

2020, a year full of difficulties and challenges, and only by persevering can we break the deadlock.

Speaking of perseverance, it is not difficult to think of people with disabilities.

CareER was established in 2014. It is committed to serving higher educated people with disabilities, providing comprehensive career support and matching services, and establishing a peer support network, adhering to the concept of ”Talent No Boundaries”, walking with higher educated people with disabilities and supporting them to play their strengths in different fields and achieving their goals.

In the past few years, we have witnessed many stories of perseverance. These stories not only encourage more people with disabilities to preserve, but also encourage their friends and family, and let the public understand the talents of people with disabilities.

This year, we will hold the “Daiwa HK 50th X CareER RunnERthon Online 2020” with the theme of “Run for Dreams and be Perseverant” , to raise funds for CareER. At the same time, we also hope to use our stories to encourage everyone and overcome the difficulties together.

Walter, Tsui Yu Hang

Co - founder & CEO of CareER

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