Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Participants are encouraged to join a variety of leadership training activities aiming to equip you with interpersonal and communication skills, as well as enabling you to actively participate in a community.

Inclusive Leadership Training Summer Camp

A two-day leadership training summer camp aims to bring participants with disabilities and SEN together and build a support network. Through team-building activities, participants will gain understanding of each other’s unique ability, gain confidence in yourself and in others, and develop soft skills such as problem-solving and communication skills.

Experiential Learning

Being a part of the CareER Student Committee, you can not only get to elevate your interpersonal skills through building lasting relationships, but also get to sharpen your leadership skills through coordinating various thematic workshops and events.

You are also welcomed to join various exciting and soul-enriching events held by our devoted CareER Student Committee throughout the year. Come make new friends and stay tuned for more!

New Year Virtual Celebration
Jan 2021


啱啱星期日 CareER 學生會舉辦咗2021年第一個 #會員活動 – New Year Virtual Celebration 喇!🎉
我哋好開心可以同一班新舊會員一齊玩 virtual party games,認識新朋友仔!🥳…

Posted by Care-ER Association on Thursday, January 14, 2021

Refresh Through Art Spa
Sep 2020

CareER 學生會早前舉辦嘅 Refresh Through Art Spa 藝「述」心靈工作坊終於順利舉行,今次嘅活動仲喺我哋年第一個實體嘅…

Posted by Care-ER Association on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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