Personality Assessment, Career Coaching & Counselling

Personality Assessment and Debriefing

Participants will undertake the VIA Character Strength Survey, a personality assessment to identify their character strengths and help themselves on their journeys of self-discovery and problem-solving. Followed by individual debriefing sessions provided by professionals, participants will be able to map out their career paths based on the results of their personality assessment.

Career Coaching and Counseling

To maximise the learning outcomes throughout the program, participants will be given various individualised support, including professional one-to-one coaching or counseling services as well as group support by CareER and its partners.

Coaching Support
Coaching Clinic Workshops

Hosting regularly alongside the Job Skills Training Workshops on a bi-monthly basis.

Professional coaches to introduce what is coaching and conduct one-on-one sections with our members for them to get a glimpse and taste. Promote self-awareness and build rapport throughout the 2 hrs workshop.

Individual Coaching Sections

Part I: VIA Character Strength Assessment guided by certified coach

Professional qualified coaches to conduct debriefing on assessment reports (Character Strengths and Career Options).

Part II: Career Coaching

Matching of qualified coaches with interns to have 4 to 6 sections throughout the internship period. In-depth questioning techniques to guide the interns for self-initiated positive changes.

Counseling Support
Individual and Group Counseling Support provided by Gears Counselling and Development Centre

Part I: Individual Counselling Sections by Professional Social Workers

Part II: Group Counselling Sections on popular topics:

  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Emotional (Stress) Management
  • Art of Communications
  • Self-development and Improvement
Professional Support by other NGOs

CareER refers our members in need of professional support to SAHK, MHA and CFSC for registered social workers services.

Partnering NGOService Targets
The Spastics Association of Hong Kong (SAHK)
High Functioning Autism (HFA)
Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC)
All types of Mental Illnesses including depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar etc.
The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong (MHAHK)All types of Mental Illnesses including depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar etc.


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