The Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment – CareER Thriving Grass Career Development Program (Thriving Grass Program) embarked on a transformative three-year journey in 2021. Throughout this remarkable period, the program has achieved significant milestones and made a tangible impact on both the participants and society. This year, the program successfully connected 55 interns with various organizations, where 70% were from the commercial sectors and 30% comprised of NGOs, local start-ups, social enterprises, and other impactful entities. These placements provided valuable learning opportunities and facilitated growth for CareER members.

What’s even more exciting is that some companies offered participants return positions, highlighting the real-world impact of the collaborative efforts. In this article, Marco Chow, a recent graduate of BBA Management at Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU), will share his successful story as someone with ADHD from internship to full-time employee.

📍How did you start your internship at Lacoste? What did you learn from the experience?

Through this year’s Thriving Grass Program, I had the incredible opportunity to work as a Human Resources Summer Intern at the renowned Sport x Fashion brand Lacoste, from June to August. During my internship, my primary responsibilities revolved around assisting with employee data entry and contributing to the creation of new joiner packs. Additionally, I worked with other interns and supported internal activities within the organization.

As an HR intern, the role demanded a high level of attention to detail. At times, I found it challenging to maintain focus and sustain my energy and attention. However, I realized that my ADHD symptoms, particularly the ability to hyper focus on my interests, could be viewed as a unique strength. This shift in perspective brought about a significant transformation and enabled me to excel in my role. Instead of perceiving our “disabilities” as adversaries, we can understand, embrace, and harness them as strengths. They become invaluable assets rather than limitations.

📍How did your internship at Lacoste propel you forward and shape your perspective on Disability-Inclusive Commitments?

After completing my internship, I was fortunate enough to receive a return offer from Lacoste as a Human Resources Assistant. In this role, I achieved several notable accomplishments that I am proud of. One significant achievement was mastering the HRIS system and utilizing my expertise to help colleagues overcome difficulties they encountered while using the system. It brought me great satisfaction to provide assistance and support to my fellow team members, making their work more efficient and streamlined.

Moreover, I found great excitement in witnessing the company’s dedication to aligning disability diversity with its core values and culture. I participated in the CSR team’s hiring process and played a role in recruiting a talented individual with visual impairment. Being part of this inclusive hiring decision filled me with pride, knowing that I contributed in creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

In conclusion, my journey as an HR assistant at Lacoste has been both fulfilling and transformative. I have grown both personally and professionally. I hope that my story inspires and encourages more companies to make disability-inclusive commitments by providing opportunities for interns or part-time employees. We believe we can create a more inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique talents.

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