CareER Disability Inclusive Employer Badge

Empowering businesses to foster a more inclusive workplace for individuals with disabilities

The CareER Disability Inclusive Employer Badge (the Badge) was launched in 2023 to recognise employers dedicated to advancing employment for people with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) in Hong Kong.

Key Benefits of the Badge

The Badge is a powerful visual representation to the general public of a company or organisation’s commitment to advancing disability inclusion at work.

It may complement your existing employer branding activities, making it a solid statement to showcase your company/organisation’s efforts to support the employment of Hong Kong with disabilities and SEN.

Enhanced Company Reputation

Showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Attract Top Talent

Stand out as an employer of choice for skilled individuals with disabilities.

Boost Employee Morale

Foster a supportive and inclusive work environment, boosting overall employee satisfaction.

Impact of the Badge

The introduction of the CareER Disability Inclusive Employer Badge aims to celebrate and promote the efforts of inclusive employers, encouraging broader conversations about disability inclusion and recognising the valuable contributions that individuals with disabilities can make in the workforce.

These publicly recognised inclusive employers, each now equipped with a visual representation of their commitment to disability inclusion, will initiate conversations and raise awareness within the Hong Kong community regarding the significance of social and disability inclusion.

26 Employer Badge Recipients in 2023

Past Recipients of CareER Disability Inclusive Employer Badge

See the list of CareER Disability Inclusive Employers in 2023


Group photo of 26 Employer Badge recipients of 2023

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