CareER Disability Inclusion Index

What is CareER Disability Inclusion Index?

CareER Disability Inclusion Index (CareER DII) is a comprehensive assessment tool for organisations to build a roadmap of measurable and tangible actions towards workplace disability inclusion. In recent years, there is a rising demand for a structured framework of disability inclusion strategies to meet standards of Environmental, Social, Governance (“ESG”). Many countries have developed various assessment tools and indices for this purpose, including Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, and the US. We learned and combined experience from these countries with our employers and talent pool, CareER DII brings a localized framework of disability inclusion in Hong Kong (and allow flexibility for potential adaptation in other APAC regions). 

Why disability inclusion matters?

Many people may take disability inclusion as a social responsibility, but unaware of its benefits to business. Below describes how practising disability inclusion benefits business:

  • Boost innovation: A more diverse and inclusive workplace encourages idea exchange among people from different background. Having more understanding on different people also makes developing products and/or services for a wide range of customers easier
  • Conscious Branding: Customers pay more attention to the brand’s social responsibility nowadays thanks to the growing trend of ethical consumerism. Being a more disability inclusive employer means getting more respect from these customers and hence a gain in business
  • Grow your market: With 8.1% of people living with a disability in Hong Kong, accessible physical environment, products and inclusive service providers can enhance their capability and provide the equal opportunity for them to access those products and/or services, which means a great opportunity for growing business in a new market

These are just a few examples of how being disability inclusive can help your business. Check out the CareER DII and membership package to explore more!

How CareER DII helps?

CareER DII aims to provide references and assistances to various stakeholders in society:

For Community and Government

  • To promote an open, inclusive and accessible working environments for all persons with disabilities and SENs (not only focusing on higher educated population)
  • Serve as a reference to the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee of the HK Government
  • Support the government in designing policies that can better support persons with disabilities in the workplace

For Employers

  • Provide a structure business studies on disability inclusion strategies
  • Formulate sustainable plans and operation tips to promote disability inclusion in your
  • Learn inclusive best practices from and identify areas of improvement


CareER DII is supported by the following organisations:

DII Sponsors


CareER DII consists of 8 sections with 35 questions in total:

  1. Organisational Policies and Structure
  2. Civic and Community Engagement
  3. Products and Services
  4. Supply Chain and Procurement
  5. Recruitment
  6. Staff Engagement and Retention
  7. Accommodation and Adjustment
  8. Accessibility
SectionNo. of questionsSuggested respondents
Organisational Policies and Structure6Senior Management, D&I team
Civic and Community Engagement3Senior Management, D&I team, Sustainability team
Products and Services5Marketing / Business Development, Sales, Research and Development team
Supply Chain and Procurement3Procurement / Admin
Recruitment4Human Resources / Talent Development
Staff Engagement and Retention6Human Resources / Talent Development
Accommodation and Adjustment2Human Resources / Talent Development
Accessibility6Property Management, IT

If you are interested, please refer to our Corporate Package or contact us at info@career.org.hk.


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