Corporate Services

Corporate Services

In our experience, corporations and organisations of different industry sectors and company sizes exhibit diverse needs and challenges when pushing for disabiltiy inclusion. In addition to our CareER Disability Inclusion Index, we offer tailored corporate services and support for inclusive employers of all stages.

As part of our employer partner network, you will be the first to know of our year-round events and service updates, where you may exchange and share knowledge and experience with industry peers and experts. 


  • A systemic and comprehensive approach to drive D&I Strategy
  • Conscious branding and an amplifier as an inclusive employer
  • In-depth and tailored support in engaging, empowering and employing diversified populations via our dedicated partners and advice services
  • Access to a growing range of networks where you can exchange and share experience with peers and experts
  • Gain access to events and programs where you can learn D&I knowledge and operating tips from experts
  • Interact with a target pool of candidates with disabilities – but with no obligation to hire
  • Highlight specific opportunities that you are offering

Advisory Service

CareER offers advisory services for organisations to enhance their disability inclusion strategies. With a holistic support framework, organisations can identify their strengths and weaknesses and receive tailor-made suggestions from CareER.

DII Framework


In-office Workshop

CareER offers workshops at your office on disability inclusion and awareness. Duration and format could be tailor-made accordingly. The following are some suggested content:

Business Leaders & Top Management

  • Engage with real-life inspirational stories from CareER
  • Develop an inclusive organisation and avoid potential risks

HR & Line Managers

  • Gaining diversity and inclusive confidence and capacity
  • Equipping people with Disability Etiquette and assessing people with inclusion
  • Learning evidence-based management and supervision style to support employee with differences
  • Retaining employee with effective wellness programs

Engaging your External Stakeholders

  • Maximize your customer experience by adopting design thinking and universal design concept in your products and services
  • Engage and amplify your organisation D&I vision in the community

Workplace Accessibility Assessment

CareER offers accessibility assessment services for your office environment.

  • Facilitate an accessible workplace and facilities
  • Minimize business risks with an inclusive physical and digital environment
  • Develop user-friendly digital and IT platform for your people and clients

Some checkpoints are extracted below for reference:


  • Workstation

  • Washroom

  • Corridors / Doors

  • Common area […]

  • Lift Lobby

  • Parking

  • Emergency route

  • Signage […]

To learn more about our corporate services and kick-start your disability inclusion journey, simply fill in the Employer intake form. Our team will get in touch right away.


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