Peer Support

Peer Support

Member Get-Together

CareER provides a platform for our members to engage and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds and abilities. In our experience, our peer support community effectively supports members with less experience in work and in life to gain confidence and build self-esteem, as well as encourages alumni with more life and work experience to share their real-life experiences and create a sense of giving back to the community.

Throughout the year, CareER organises a range of member-exclusive social gatherings, alumni-sharing events, and thematic workshops that enable our members and alumni to expand their social and professional networks.

Event invitations and enrolment details will be sent via our regular email communications. We believe the more the merrier, so please join us and we look forward to seeing you at our next event! 

CareER Student Committee

The CareER Student Committee is a group of dedicated tertiary-educated students and alumni with disabilities or SEN who are dedicated to bridge the members of CareER together through organizing events and hands-on workshop. The Committee also strives to communicate with various stakeholders to educate the public about disabilities and SEN.

New Year Virtual Celebration
Jan 2021


啱啱星期日 CareER 學生會舉辦咗2021年第一個 #會員活動 – New Year Virtual Celebration 喇!🎉
我哋好開心可以同一班新舊會員一齊玩 virtual party games,認識新朋友仔!🥳…

Posted by Care-ER Association on Thursday, January 14, 2021

Refresh Through Art Spa
Sep 2020

CareER 學生會早前舉辦嘅 Refresh Through Art Spa 藝「述」心靈工作坊終於順利舉行,今次嘅活動仲喺我哋年第一個實體嘅…

Posted by Care-ER Association on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Inclusive Leadership Training Summer Camp (formerly SEN Discovery O’camp)

CareER’s annual O’camp allows members and alumni with any type of disability or SEN to get together and experience a wide variety of disability-inclusive games and activities. Participants go above and beyond to unleash their potential and socialize with others through taking on group and personal challenges such as city hunting, going on night walks and playing inclusive experiential games.

This 2-day-1-night summer camp provides a perfect opportunity for students and young professionals with disabilities and SEN to step out of their comfort zones, make new friends, and embrace new challenges while learning the importance of leadership, effective communication, teamwork, trust, and respecting and appreciating individual challenges and differences.

At CareER, we believe these traits are essential building blocks for an inclusive society, and we are proud to have played a part in nurturing these future young leaders and equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to create positive change in the world.

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