CareER Scholarship Program

CareER Scholarship Program


CareER Scholarship Program is to give recognition to students with disabilities / Special Educational Needs (SENs) in the pursuit of excellence in participating in community services and commitment in the community, achievement in extra-curricular activities and their willingness to challenge themselves to experience new exposure. Academic Achievement is NOT the main focus in terms of selection criteria.


  • To introduce narrative therapy to beneficiaries through storytelling and story writing workshops to engage them in knowledge and experience sharing with their peers in order to facilitate a better mentorship experience.
  • To enhance their employment prospects and opportunities.

Program Highlights



  • For Post-Secondary applicants, up to 8 scholarship offers would be made with HK$15,000 for each awardee.
  • For Senior-Secondary applicants, up to 8 scholarship offers would be made with HK$8,000 for each awardee. 

6-Month Mentorship Program

Each awardee will have one designated alumni as mentor, mentor and mentee will be matched in accordance with their disability/ disabilities / SEN and their career interests. The 6-month Mentorship Program includes a Team Building Camp in June and three mentor sharing sessions via Narrative Practice Workshops between August to October.

Career Talk

The program also includes career talks/ alumni sharing on the themes of various prevailing industries in July and November.

Half-day Building Training Camp

Building teamwork and making friends with your mentor and teammate through fun and vigorous games.


  • Eligible Hong Kong Permanent Resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Currently studying in or graduated from all UGC and non-UGC funded institutes/ degrees in Hong Kong (for Post-Secondary applicants)
  • Currently studying in Form 4 to 6 at mainstream and special schools (for Senior-Secondary applicants)


Applicant is required to complete the application form and enclose the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 2 pages) in English;
  2. A copy of valid Student Card issued by your school; or
  3. A copy of the Graduate Certificate (for graduates applicants)

Applicant is also required to enclose any one of the following proofs in the application:


  1. A copy of letter on your condition issued by the Department of Health or Hospital Authority (or under exceptional circumstances by a registered medical practitioner from private sector or from private hospital) ;or
  2. A copy of the Registration Card for People with Disabilities issued by Labour and Welfare Bureau ;or
  3. A copy of letter of entitling to Disability Allowance by the Social Welfare Department

Interested participants are kindly requested to submit their applications via our online platform by 8 March 2024 (Friday).

*All the information provided by the applicant will remain confidential and only be used for the program only.
*Successful applicant will automatically become a member of CareER and agree to receive events newsletter sent from us by email or instant messaging.
*CareER reserve the right on any final decision.
For any enquiries, please contact us at 3844 6363 or email to scholarship@career.org.hk.

Previous Awardees’ Sharing 

2023年度高中獎學金得獎者 – 葉漫琦:

我學習成績不是很好,但幸好我很喜歡跳舞還有畫畫,但這些在許多大人 眼中都是「浪費時間」的東西。很多家長都覺得自己的小孩要讀書、上大 學才可以養活自己,然而現今的社會趨勢已經改變,不再是成績決定一切。 從前的我也會覺得,我這些興趣是不是真的不該被接納?但透過CareER認 識了很多向不同方向發展的朋友,CareER亦提供不同工作坊,讓我更加了 解自己,同時能讓自己發現周圍瑣碎的事情,可能一個小小的舉動就能讓 別人很窩心。 這半年時間,每次的工作坊,友師聚會,讓我慢慢反駁了自己之前的想法。 現在我會告訴自己「我做的每件事情都有它的意義」、「注意力少點放在 批評自己的人身上」要完成這兩件事是很難,但我會慢慢進步。現在的我, 依然跳著舞,享受著跳舞給我的樂趣,享受著跳舞過後的心情,每次被汗 水充斥着的背部都是我努力的成果。最後我會和自己還有身邊的朋友說 「這個人生,你才是自己的主角」。

2023年度大專組得獎者 – 莊晶芯 :

在透過與師友的交流中,我接觸到各種不同的思考方式 和觀點,這拓寬了我的視野。而師友他們的經歷和見解 讓我更加開放心態地面對新的挑戰。在師友的相處中, 我亦深入了解到他們所面臨的困難,以及最重要的他們 如何克服這些挑戰。在他們的分享和創作師友作品之中, 我感受到了共鳴,這種同儕支持令我更加有信心地面對 自己的困難。同時因為我大學主修特殊教育,這個經驗 不僅豐富了我的知識,也讓我能夠更好地理他們的不同 的需求。我希望未來能夠將這次師友相處裡面學到的知 識和經驗應用到我的專業領域 。

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