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CareER Scholarship Program


CareER Scholarship

CareER Scholarship Program is to give recognition to students with disabilities / Special Educational Needs (SENs) in the pursuit of excellence in participating in community services and commitment in the community, achievement in extra-curricular activities and their willingness to challenge themselves to experience new exposure. Academic Achievement is NOT the main focus in terms of selection criteria.


  • To empower the beneficiaries with more exposure in the community
  • To allow the awardees to have greater exposure to learn about employment situations, practices and prospects
  • To support the awardees to experience the workplace first-hand and to pursue continuous training and studies to enhance their employment prospects and opportunities
  • To provide some financial support to the awardees to enable them to acquire assistive equipment and technology to enhance their employment prospects and opportunities

Program Highlights



  • For Post-Secondary applicants, up to 5 scholarship offers would be made with HK$10,000 for each awardee.
  • For Senior-Secondary applicants, up to 5 scholarship offers would be made with HK$5,000 for each awardee.

6-month Mentorship Program

Each awardee will have one designated alumni as mentor, mentor and mentee will be matched in accordance with their disability/ disabilities / SENs and their career interests. The mentorship program includes lunch and learn sessions with guest speakers from various sectors including entrepreneurs and business leaders and meeting with the mentor.

Career Talk

The program also invites representatives to our career talks that are from various fast-growing industries, including YouTubers, E-sports, etc.



  • Eligible Hong Kong Permanent Resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Currently studying in or graduated from all UGC and non-UGC funded institutes/ degrees in Hong Kong (for Post-Secondary applicants)
  • Currently studying in Form 4 to 6 at mainstream and special schools (for Senior-Secondary applicants)


Applicant is required to complete the application form and enclose the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 2 pages) in English;
  2. A copy of valid Student Card issued by your school (for applicants who are currently studying in senior-secondary or post-secondary institutes); or
  3. A copy of the Graduate Certificate (for graduates applicants)


Applicant is also required to enclose any one of the following proofs in the application:

  1. A copy of letter on your condition issued by the Department of Health or Hospital Authority (or under exceptional circumstances by a registered medical practitioner from private sector or from private hospital) ;or
  2. A copy of the Registration Card for People with Disabilities issued by Labour and Welfare Bureau ;or
  3. A copy of letter of entitling to Disability Allowance by the Social Welfare Department
Interested participants please fill in the application form below and email to scholarship@career.org.hk on or before 16 April 2021.

*All the information provided by the applicant will remain confidential and only be used for the program only.
*Successful applicant will automatically become a member of CareER and agree to receive events newsletter sent from us by email or instant messaging.
*CareER reserves the right to any final decision.
For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Florence Chan or Ms. Michelle Mong at 3844 6363 or email to scholarship@career.org.hk.

Previous Awardees’ Sharing 

第一屆 CareER 高中獎學金得獎者Ken:

我要感謝Walter和一班同事的支持和幫助,他們給予我很多發揮的空間。 雖然當時我只是一位高中生,但他們從來沒有質疑我的能力。當然有些時候我做得未如理 想,但得到他們協助之下最終都能完成手上工作。這正好體現出CareER的宗旨,潛能無 界限!希望同學不要小看自己,你們都可以在自己的舞台上發光發亮! 嘗試踏出一步,嘗試不同的事情,不要質疑自己的能力,突破自己吧!


第一屆 CareER 高中獎學金得獎者Samantha:

這個計劃讓我認識到有不同需要的同伴,透過了解彼此的經歷使我有深切的反思, 從中得到鼓舞,讓我明白到並沒有跨越不了的困難,真正要跨越的是自己的心態。而透過和 友師的對話,讓我解開了心中許許多多的疑問,使我在這迷惘的道路上得一點啟發。此外, 這個計劃會安排各式各樣的活動例如講座,透過視像會議或是與嘉賓面對面的談話,增加了 我對不同行業和機構的認識,這些機會十分難得。

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