CareER Internship Programs (2017/2018)

Internship Programs

The internship programs provide participants with the opportunities to gain real work experience, explore their interests, develop professional skills and competence and build confidence.  There is a wide range of internship offers across sectors, such as NGOs, social enterprises, start-ups and corporates. Interns will receive one-to-one support from CareER and guidance from the mentors provided by their employers.



For Participants

  • Gain real work experience and get advice from your supervisors
  • Enhance your confidence and develop professional skills and competence for career development
  • Build your own valuable business network


For Employers

  • Build disability confidence in organization by gaining first-hand knowledge and experience in attracting and recruiting disabled talents
  • Gain access to a potential talent pool of candidates with disabilities
  • Create an inclusive and diverse workplace for your employees
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