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Annual Fundraising Event

CareER RunnERthon

潛能無限。慈善跑 2020

The 4th annual fundraising event orangzed by CareER

Date:     Sunday, 5 January 2020

Time:     7:30am – 1:00pm

Venue:   Sunny Bay Promenade (Sunny Bay MTR station)

Main schedules

10km Charity Run @8:00 am

Opening Ceremony @10:00 am

3km Charity Walk @10:30 am

Carnival booth games @9:00 – 10:00 am & 10:45 am – 12:30 pm

*For corporate team enrollment, please contact our Event Manager Pandie at


Talent No Boundaries 2020 Charity Calendar

我們一直相信殘疾人士都擁有自已的才能,只要提供一個適切的機會,便可以讓他們發揮無限才能。我們的slogan: 「Talent No Boundaries 潛能無限」,便是希望一眾高學歷殘疾人士相信自己並勇於發揮他們的才能,走出固有的限制,堅持自己的夢想。今年,CareER更首度推出「潛能無限2020慈善月曆」。

是次月曆的相片,由梁諾仁 (Joshua) 提供。Joshua是一名剛畢業的大學生,
他於2019年首度挑戰全長4200公里的太平洋屋脊部道(PCT),於旅程中拍下了深刻時刻,並配以簡單的文字於月曆上與大家分享,從而希望把 —「只要懷著強大的信念,不可能也可以變成可能」的訊息傳遞給大眾,以此鼓勵大家堅持夢想,勇於追夢。雖然他最終因傷只完成了一半旅程,並因此要暫時坐在輪椅上養傷,但這令他體會到身體即使有所限制,也不會阻礙他完成PCT這個夢想,並希望於不久將來能再次踏上征途。

CareER is the first joint higher education institution student community for higher educated students and graduates with disabilities and special needs. We always believed that people with disabilities have their own talents. They can exert unlimited talent when the appropriate opportunity arrives. As our slogan stated: “Talent No Boundaries”. We wish people with disabilities can be able to break through their ‘boundaries’, believed in themselves, hold on to their dreams and be brave to exert their talents. This year, we are launching the brand new — “Talent no Boundaries 2020 Charity Calendar”

All photographs were provided by Joshua Leung, a newly graduated university student. In 2019, he challenged the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which is a 4,200 km long-distance hiking and equestrian trail. He would like to share his journey with us through photographs and captions, in order to encourage everybody: “Dream on! Be brave to accomplish your dream. Nothing is impossible when you are having a strong belief!” Unfortunately, he had only completed half of the journey due to a leg injury, which caused him to become a wheelchair user temporarily. The injury made him realized that nothing can stop him from achieving his dream even there is body restriction. He hopes he can complete the PCT again in the near future

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