Lateral Recruitment

Lateral Recruitment

CareER provides job matching services to inclusive employers and higher educated people with disabilities/SENs on an all-year-round basis. Based on the ABLE model and a systematic recruitment approach, we have made over 200 successful placements since 2016 in full-time, part-time, internship and freelance capacities.

Instead of one-off job matching, CareER will actually engage with employers to develop Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) corporate strategy in a longer term approach. One very important aspect is to bring about mindset changes and disabilities readiness in the workplace before the actual hiring could happen. We offer Awareness Building Workshop to employers as such –

Corporate Awareness Building Workshop

  • Below suggested contents are for reference only
  • Event duration and format could be tailor-made accordingly
  • Please contact recruitment@career.org.hk for more details

Accessibility Assessment

Lunch Learning Section

1. Definition of disabilities by World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Local employment situation for people with disabilities/SENs

2. Disabilities Etiquettes and Tips for working with people with disabilities

  • General guidelines and demonstration for dealing with disabled persons
  • Videos demonstration: High Functioning Autism, mental illness, visual impairment, hearing impairment and mobility impairment

3. More about CareER

  • Inspirational story and journey to start CareER
  • CareER’s work and mission

4. Sharing on best practices, disability inclusion strategies of employers

5. Sharing and showcase of CareER talents with disabilities/SENs

  • We will invite 2-3 members to give sharing (only offer upon request)

The ABLE Model

A – Accessibility
  • Workplace environment and web accessibility assessment
  • Access to the pool of talent with disabilities and SENs
B – Business Needs
  • Business needs mapping
  • Management support for an inclusive workplace culture
L – Learning and Training
  • Employee awareness workshop
  • Disability etiquette training
E – Experience
  • Showcase of successfully stories internally or externally to position one as an inclusive employer
  • First-hand hiring experience with support from CareER including job-matching, interview preparation, post interview debriefing, onboarding adjustment and follow ups during probation period
Lateral Recruitment