Diversity and inclusion (D&I) might be treated as corporate buzzwords by some companies but at Bloomberg they aren’t afterthoughts. The global financial data and media and analytics giant sees D&I as an integral part of its corporate culture – a culture that values empowerment and innovation.

Having a clear vision is always a good starting point for any initiative while implementation depends on robust strategies. To this end, Bloomberg recognises that the most effective way to realise its D&I vision is by embedding the D&I value in all the things they do.

“Doing the right thing underpins everything we do when working towards achieving an even greater inclusive work culture and environment. For example, every department at Bloomberg develops an annual D&I plan, and we support eight employee-run Communities whose members serve as role models and spread a message of inclusion throughout our global workplace,” Alisha Fernando, Bloomberg’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion (APAC).

When it comes to hiring persons with disabilities, Bloomberg doesn’t see physical disability as a barrier. “As a business, we don’t look at the disability as a hindrance of someone’s ability. We always focus on the person,” Alisha explains.

Bloomberg has joint the inclusive recruitment fair organised by CareER

Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the inclusive recruitment fair held in October every year.

“We work closely with Bloomberg to drive disability inclusion. For example, we placed two interns and one intern at the company last year and this year, respectively, under the CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program, and Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the inclusive recruitment fair held in October every year. In addition, we conducted a workshop with Bloomberg’s Hong Kong and Singapore offices on disability etiquette in the workplace. In short, these programmes not only help Bloomberg to meet its D&I objectives but also bring benefits to the candidates – a classic win-win situation,” Walter Tsui, CareER co-founder, says.

“At our core, we are a technology company and therefore a cornerstone of our innovation is via our diversity of thinking, thought and perspectives. Hosting interns with disabilities has and will continue to present us with perspectives on how technology plays a role in the future of work, how we can better serve our clients in new and innovative ways and how our business both physically and virtually need to continue to push the boundaries of innovation to better serve our clients and our community,” Alisha adds.

Also, Bloomberg identifies that D&I will bring real and quantifiable value to the company. “Other than doing the right thing, there’s a real benefit to your bottom line in effective D&I strategies. According to a recent Accenture study, those that offered the most inclusive working environment for disabled employees in the U.S. achieved an average of 28 percent higher revenue, 30 percent greater economic profit margins, and twice the net income of their industry peers between 2015 and 2018,” Alisha remarks.

As the Bloomberg case demonstrates, the power of D&I can be substantial in terms of human resources and corporate performance. The key to unlocking the full potentials of D&I depends on the right mindset, the right strategies and the right collaborator. And above all, don’t treat it as an afterthought.

This forward-thinking perspective and the methodical approach to D&I align well with the philosophy of CareER, and this explains why the two organisations have enjoyed a productive relationship in advancing disability inclusion in the workplace.

CareER provides career development and campus supports for higher educated persons with disabilities and SEN, meanwhile, promotes equal opportunities and disabilities inclusion at the workplace.
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The CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program is tailored for higher educated persons with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN). During the program, participants will be given training opportunities to build self-confidence, improve personal competence, as well as develop leadership and communication skills. For more information, please visit: https://career.org.hk/key-program/ 

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