Personal Development Support

Personal Development Support

Apart from being a charitable job-matching platform, CareER serves as a platform for people with disabilities and SENs to connect with both members of CareER and members of the public. As the public continues to pool resources for our equally talented SEN students and alumni, our members continue to devote themselves to be contributing members of society. This creates an upward spiral in which both the community and our members grow together.

We believe that personal development support is a crucial part to not only success in the workplace, but also life in general. For that, we aim to provide various training workshops to maximize our members’ potential and to give them a chance to experience life differently than they normally would with regard to their special needs.

Our Scholarship Programs allow our members to strengthen their bonds with one another through peer mentoring and networking. Not only that, our members also get a chance to give back to the community through their dedicated efforts in their academic and community endeavours. Members of CareER could leverage their social and leadership skills through the CareER Student Committee and connect with other stakeholders in society, as well as fellow members. Members could also slow down and de-stress themselves and get to know more kindred spirits by joining different Member Get-Together events and the annual all-inclusive SEN Discovery O’ Camp.


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