Walter Tsui is the Co-Founder and Executive Manager of CareER, a job-matching platform and peer support group for higher educated people with disabilities and people with special education needs (SEN).

Born with both eyes visually impaired and now with 5% sight, Tsui shared with HR Magazine the challenges faced by people with disabilities in the workforce and the role HR departments and hiring managers play in the hiring process.


Formative experiences


Visually impaired from a very early age, teachers at local mainstream primary and secondary schools were very supportive. Tsui joined an exchange program to the United States and studied Economics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduating with internships at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Dialogue in the Dark (Germany).


While he was studying, Tsui had difficulty finding adequate learning support. Despite getting bioptic telescopes—a pair of vision-enhancement lenses—after a year of study, he questioned as to why there was not comprehensive learning and support for SENs, or student union groups to support SEN students. After he finished studying, Tsui’s strong experience, particularly with internships at MNCs, SMEs and Social Entreprises impressed HR and recruitment teams, but it still took him more than six months to find a full-time job.


His own struggle to find work was formative of Tsui’s eventual decision to seek a career within social innovation, forming CareER in 2014. Tsui reflected, “Ultimately, I was inspired to create a platform for persons with disabilities and SENs to share job-seeking experience and connect with inclusive employers who value people’s capabilities.”


Challenges, mindsets and false perceptions


In the ongoing struggle HR and hiring managers have finding great people for their teams…


CareER plays an important role in the career development of persons with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) by ensuring a smooth transition from university to their chosen fields of employment. 追蹤  CareER Facebook 了解更多

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